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Choose Cruising for Your Next Vacation Adventure

By Sydney A. Jackson

Do you have a momentous occasion coming up soon such as a special birthday or anniversary? Why not choose cruising to get away for that relaxing vacation you’ve been dreaming about? Cruises are becoming more and more popular as people realize they are one of the best ways to totally unwind and let someone else take care of all your everyday activities. It is one of the few vacations where you can truly relax 24 hours a day. If you plan ahead and follow tips from experienced cruise passengers or travel agents, you will have a fun-filled, tranquil voyage and save money as well.

How to Choose a Cruise Cabin

Perhaps the most important decision of your cruise is that of choosing your cabin. First, do not go high up on the ship for your cabin to gain a good view. The higher decks have less stability and increased likelihood of motion sickness. You may have a sick stomach the whole trip, which is not worth any view. Choose a cabin at the center of a lower deck that is surrounded by other cabins.

Avoid noisy locations near where people congregate, such as nightclubs, restaurants and dance floors. You might want a cabin with a private balcony where you can enjoy refreshments as you watch the sunrises and sunsets.

Get a diagram of the ship and plan carefully, preferably with some advice from a knowledgeable professional or experienced traveler.

Cruise Tips

Many travel agents can help you choose a cruise line and the best cruise ship for you and get you a sizable discount.

Bring comfortable casual, sport and formal clothing as well as low-heeled, skid-proof shoes for walking on the decks. Usually a tux may be rented on board.

Take your own pictures and bring your own film and batteries which are very expensive on the cruise ship. Photographers roam the ship taking pictures during the cruise and will attempt to sell them to you later at exorbitant prices.

Bring Woolite with you to wash clothing at your cabin instead of using the expensive laundry service offered by the cabin steward.

If there are items on the ship that you can’t resist, wait until the last day to buy them as prices get lower as the trip nears the end.


Have you decided to choose cruising, instead of other travel options? If you enjoy historical places and spectacular destinations, cruises to Europe and the Mediterranean will delight you. If you want adventure try cruises to Africa, Alaska or Antarctica. For beach lovers or honeymooners cruises to Bermuda, the Caribbean, Hawaii or the Bahamas may be just what you are looking for. To decide which cruise to choose, ask friends, relatives or an experienced travel agent for advice and recommendations.

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 Choose Cruising for Your Next Vacation Adventure


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