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Luxury Cruises

Taking luxury cruises is not just for the well heeled and wealthy anymore.  Most of the time when you hear someone talking about taking a cruise you hear them say they are going to Alaska or the Caribbean.  Usually on one of the big cruise line boats because they received a great deal. Now, most people that like to take cruises like that are not swayed by having 3000 other passengers on board.   (It doesn’t sound like fun to me.  It’s like a floating city or a theme park,  where you either wait to do an activity because of the other bazillion people on board,  or just miss out.) Why not think outside the box, scale down, pay a little higher price and take a cruise the way it ought to be done–in style.

A majority of the cruise lines that are considered luxury have smaller boats that cater more to the individual.  Think of cruising to a destination where you have never even given a single thought of going before.  Amazing enough luxury cruises are actually very affordable. Price gaps between the different classes of vacations are not as large as you may think.  Cruise destinations on one of the luxury lines can start as low as $2500 for 7+ days.

The other aspect of a luxury cruise is that most will not nickel and dime you. When the lower cost cruise vacation might charge you for every thing you do or hassle you for an expensive photograph, a luxury cruise vacation will usually include most, if not all charges in your booked price.  The luxury cruise lines understand their clientele do not like signing for every cocktail, dessert, soda, or activity they do.  Their clientele expect the experience to be completely free of these hassles.  They expect to be treated like VIPs and to be pampered.

Because of this, only a very small handful of cruise companies actually are rated as luxury and standards are kept very high.  Passenger-to-crew ratios are usually very low, some with 1 to 1 ratios.  Cruise lines like Crystal Cruises, Seabourn Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruise take luxury cruising very serious.   Most of the new ships these cruise lines utilize have larger cabins,  custom beddings, ocean view balconies and some with showers built for two.  Service and food is also taken very seriously on these boats, going way beyond what some would call exceptional.  This is completely opposite of what the others do with their ‘cattle call’ style buffets.

Plus, luxury lines are now offering more boutique excursions.   Some offer their passengers events with guest lecturers or self improvement programs.  Others offer unusual destinations like the Pyramids and Nile trip.  There are even some that go to the extreme by providing opportunities to ride in a Russian fighter jet, visit penguin rookeries or go zip lining through the trees of a South American jungle.

This is where the luxury cruise lines stand out. You are not just one of the other 3000+ passengers.  They excel at making it very personal. You become their V.I.P.

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